Parents and Friends Association

This parent group works in many ways:

  • School improvement
  • Supporting the Parish / School Fete
  • Organising social events
  • A fundraising fee of $120 is charged per family per year.

The Parents and Friends meets approximately four times a year and all parents are welcome to attend.

Please visit the P&F folder on this website to find out what's happening throughout the year and dates for upcoming events.


What is the P & F Committee?

The P&F Committee is a group of dedicated volunteer parents and carers of the children of St Mary's, who join together to promote a sense of community and to support St Mary's in helping to meet the educational needs of the children.

What does the P&F do?

The P&F host a number of social and school community events throughout the year, including Mother's Day and Father's Day breakfasts and our ever popular Mother’s Day/Father’s Day stalls. We also host a number of other events including a Movie night, a Disco, Grandparents' Day morning tea, World Teachers' Day morning tea. Our Annual Commencement Party at the start of the school year is a way of saying ‘Thank You’ to the school community for supporting the P&F.

How is the P&F Levy used?

The P&F support the school through the P&F Levy and, in consultation with the Principal, make decisions as to how that levy is allocated. We have been able to assist St Mary's in the purchase of classroom, sporting and other resources, including iPods, iPads, representative sporting uniforms (tops/jerseys, bibs, swim caps), Guided Reading books, etc.

When are meetings held?

Our meetings are held once every school term in the School Library. Meetings dates are communicated via the St Mary's newsletter and Skoolbag app. Light refreshments are also provided.

Who can attend the meetings?

All parents and carers of St Mary’s are members of the P&F and are encouraged to attend. Our meetings provide you with an opportunity to connect with fellow parents, make new friends, and hear about what is happening in your child's school community. It is also an opportunity for you to have input or make suggestions.

Parents and Friends Executive Committee 2017/2018

President: Catherine Dolle-Samuel
Vice President:
Elise Norton
Secretary: Amanda Green
Treasurer: Damian Donnellan
Parent Coordinators: Kelly Alcuri & Vanessa Craze
Mother's/Father's Day Stall Coordinators:
Nancy Peaty & Alex Quinn
Social Coordinators: Victoria Lucas & Nicole Ribera
PRC Representative:
Vanessa Craze


Contact the school today to express your interest in becoming a parent volunteer

Please note: all volunteer workers in schools are required to undergo child protection training. Visit the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta website 'Building Child Safe Communities' for more information.