‘Mad scientists' of Year 5 learning that solids, liquids and gases all ‘matter’!






Year 5 have been doing some ’solid’ learning around solids, liquids and gases and recently presented their knowledge about the properties of solids, liquids and gases!

At St Mary’s Catholic Primary students learn through enquiry. Learning, using the inquiry approach, involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers. In the solids, liquids and gases unit students have been looking more specifically at the observable properties and behaviours of gas, how we use gas in our everyday lives and some of the safety implications of this.

Students worked in cooperative learning teams to explore how adding and removing heat can impact on these properties and result in changes to the states of matter. Through class discussions, group tasks and scientific investigations, our students developed an understanding of how the observable properties and behaviours of these states of matter are used to help classify substances… and why some substances are difficult to classify.