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St Mary’s is a dynamic, caring educational community which offers a comprehensive and exciting curriculum for all K-6 students, in line with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) policies and the Catholic Education Office, Parramatta.

  • We endeavour to bring to life the stories and messages Jesus gave us. The children are encouraged to develop their relationship with God through the examples given by members of a welcoming and pastoral school community.
  • We have a child-centred and literature-based approach to literacy instruction. In recent years, teachers have engaged in exciting professional development in this area.
  • The aim of Mathematics at St Mary’s is to develop students’ thinking, understanding, competence and confidence in the application of Mathematics. Over the past two years, our school has been an active participant in the Diocesan initiative known as EMU. EMU stands for Extending Mathematical Understanding. Our maths programs emphasise the importance of mental strategies, visualisation skills, written computation and problem solving using a range of concrete materials and other manipulatives. They also provide reflection time for students to share and value their work and to make connections with past learning and learning beyond the classroom environment.
  • We are continually building upon the school’s English, Mathematics and other teaching and learning resources.
  • Technology is an important tool we use in 21st century learning. We have a strong commitment to the development of skills and attitudes in the use of Learning Technology throughout the school. Technology is embedded into the curriculum. This commitment is demonstrated through:
  • every classroom having access to the school and Diocesan network, providing them with access to the internet
  • children being skilled in the use of various forms of technology, e.g. computer applications, data projector, digital cameras, interactive whiteboards, flip cameras, ipods and ipads
  • the use of laptops, which are used in every learning space to assist with teaching and learning
  • the use of interactive whiteboards located in every learning space throughout the school to enhance student and teacher interaction
  • In 2012, we continued professional development in the area of Inquiry Based Learning. We have engaged an expert in this field, Ms Kath Murdoch, to work with the staff in making St Mary’s an Inquiry School. Learning, using the inquiry approach, involves students forming their own questions about a topic and having time to explore the answers. The students are both problem posers and problem solvers within inquiry learning. Inquiry Learning encourages learners to examine the complexity of the world and form concepts and generalisations instead of being told simple answers to complex problems.

Education at St Mary’s is not limited to academic performance. It includes the development of mind and body, spirit, imagination and character. We aim to develop in our students the skills of inquiry, critical thinking and problem solving to be used across the key learning areas. In 2010, every room was refurbished and our new learning spaces are fully equipped for twenty first century learning. Teachers work collaboratively in grades, utilising a variety of different teaching strategies to cater for individual differences.

As a Catholic Primary School, we are committed to curriculum development at the school level.

We have implemented the NESA English, Mathematics, Science & Technology, Human Society and Its Environment, Personal Development, Health and Physical Education, Creative and Practical Arts curriculum documents. We have specialist Drama, Sport and Music teachers who work with the children in each class every week.

We are currently teaching the Parramatta Catholic Education Office Religious Education Curriculum, “Sharing our Story” syllabus. This is mandatory across the Parramatta Diocese.


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You can contact St Mary’s Primary Rydalmere by email or phone on (02) 9684 4044 during business hours between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

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Contact Us

  • You can contact St Mary’s Primary Rydalmere by email or phone on (02) 9684 4044 during business hours between 8:30am and 4:00pm.

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